Helaman's Play By Post Carrion Crown

Father Toths journal of events from the 29th and 30th

Dark Days in Ravensgro

The Revelation of Vesoriana
29 Calistral, 2014.

I’ll have to backtrack a few days to fill in my notes. Much has happened.

Spending the night in vigil with the newcomers has warmed me to them. Certainly, new allies are needed with the sudden departure of Nighteyes and Lament. And of course, the loss of Vigilance. Emmett is a local and perhaps as skilled in weaponry as Nighteyes while thankfully not as given to strange moods as the elf. Nalun is of elf-blood, but only partly and a poet/musician somewhat like Lament though he seems more introspective than the halfling.

With Vigilance’s burial scheduled for later in the day, we decided to make another foray into Harrowstone. Further delays only allow more mischief from the haunts. We stopped briefly at Jorminda’s shop for additional supplies. She seemed miserable, but I’ll not engage in gossip.

This day’s investigation of Harrowstone was particularly enlightening as we quickly encountered Vesorianna, the lost warden’s wife whose name Gibbs, or perhaps the Splatterman in possession of the wretch, has been ominously scribbling upon the cenotaph by the river. The visitation was not without negative effects. Particularly, the old local, Emmett, and I were quite shaken by her revelations. However, she confirmed the hand of the Whispering Way in the murder of Professor Lorrimor and release of the five vile haunts. She has struggled well to contain them after the destruction of her husband’s soul by the death cult, but they threaten to overpower her unless we deal with them quickly.
I must say that I was not at my best for the funeral, but did my duty and saw Vigilance buried. Still feverish, I slept long if not well that night.

All the Dead Arise!
30 Calistral, 2014.

It seems Gibbs’ imprisonment has not stopped the bloody graffiti; fresh blood in a child’s handwriting again upon the memorial this morning. Horribly, the Splatterman continues his vile work. In all the excitement, I had not marked the day, but even more blasphemy- it was Sunday. We were delayed from Harrowstone by the service, but perhaps fate provided that the familiar ceremonies did calm me some and restore my resolve shaken by the recent terrible events. Father Grimburrow provided a brief augury which suggested that some of the artifacts of the Mad Five which were recovered might be used against them.

A return to Harrowstone and exploration of the upper storey surprisingly turned up the remains of the Charlatan identified by the chains hung with the blasphemous symbols as Fate had revealed to me in my dreams. His insidious spirit made no sign of its presence however, until the frightful piping of his damned companion began, the Piper of Illmarsh. The dire dirge animated the dry bones of the many dead prisoners left to rot in their cells granting them the opportunity to exact their revenge on the living. Of all the dead arrayed against us, I am not ashamed to say that the Piper frightened me the most. His paralyzing poisons and feeding pets just… well, I almost succumbed, but Fate and Pharasma preserved me and her holy wrath channeled through me to strike down the undead abominations. In the confusion, the Charlatan tried to take Elidal, but his soul was captured by one of the marvelous haunt siphons. Divine justice, I think, that the heretic’s soul be bound forever in a bottle and separated from the divine that he pretended to worship.
A headman’s axe was also found in the upper level and animated by yet another haunt. It very nearly took its toll upon Nalun and Emmett. However, copious amounts of holy water and another siphon drained its animus thankfully.

Exhausted, yet feeling that we had finally made some headway against the Five Dark Souls that have plagued us, we returned to town. And yet another calamity! The dead of the Restlands had risen en masse and were invading the village. My resources were spent, but I did not have the luxury of retreat. Father Grimburrow and his staff were overrun. We rushed to the cemetery and managed to retrieve him though his Senior Acolyte was lost. We retreated to the town square and fortified it as we could for the onslaught. Fortunately, we had recovered a healing wand and I was able to ease my companions’ wounds and fatigue in time for our last stand.

It is something of a blur. I was so weary; I threw everything I had- fire and holy water. Vigilance’s recently buried corpse had risen as well. He was put down again. I cannot say how much I will relish destroying once and for all, the lost souls arrayed before us, if Fate allows. I do not know how we persevered, but it was not my time; not that night.
One final horror to be recorded: The possessed child was found. The offending spirit was routed with a splash of holy water and the child saved. I do not know what the foolish superstitious locals would have done to here if not for Elidals’ wise words and I did what I could to turn her misfortune into a benison.



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