Helaman's Play By Post Carrion Crown

From the dairy of Father Toth

Harrowstone, at last

27 Calistral, 2014.

Father Grimburrow has finally signaled his blessing by personally sending a few items to aid in our mission. I cannot say how heartening it is to finally have the local church’s support. The old prison is in ruins as is to be expected after being abandoned fifty years and more. Recent disturbance is frighteningly evident however: bloody runes cover the base of the prison… the work of the Whispering Way no doubt.
Simeon paused to begin an in depth study. Perhaps there would be some value in it, but I am afraid that we do not have the luxury of time. Besides, I find his enthusiastic interest in such things a little unnerving. Of particular note was the repetition of the warden’s name among the occult runes.
Inside, well, to say the ruins are infested with haunts is an understatement. The very structure groans with malevolent intent and violent spirits. Burning brands hurled by the unseen maim Elidal. I would guess from previous scars this was not her first nearly lethal encounter with burning. I find that my conduit to healing energies is inhibited. Perhaps it is the nature of her prior injuries?

Nighteyes spots a concealed panel and within among other confiscated items: an axe, a hammer, a collection of holy symbols, a spellbook and a tarnished flute. We also find a scorched pit in the ground which likely is our access to the burned cells and the remains of the most powerful specters. I could recount all the types of unsettling spirits encountered here, but I am too tired. I feel I must add one more note, however.

When we sought to sell some of the recovered medicines from the old infirmary to Jominda we had a bit of a shock. She paid us with antique coinage clearly from the time of the Lich Tyrant so feared in these lands. I thought nothing of it, but the apothecary reacted strongly to our idle inquiry. It turns out that she has taken a few steps that may tangle her life’s thread. Namely, selling poisons to a mysterious stranger. Nighteyes suspected the stranger might be a vampire, but I am loath to jump to such conclusions. It did however sound like a cultist to me. Regardless, it has unfortunately driven a wedge between Jominda and Kendra.



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