Helaman's Play By Post Carrion Crown

From The field notes of Father Jaru Toth

Progress is made

25th of Calistril, 4714

It seems the restless dead haunt our dreams, but for once no person or thing comes knocking in the dead of night. All was not still and calm, however. The sheriff comes by early to lead us to find another letter writ in blood upon the Harrowstone Cenotaph – “VE”.

More disturbingly, the dog killed at the memorial the previous day was reanimated to be found under the town’s gazebo by Simeon and a group of children. Elidal was able to destroy it before anyone was killed by the abomination. Only Simeon suffered grievous injury. A crowd gathered again, however this time we argued our case more sucessfully. With Father Grimburrow’s assistance, we were granted access to the town records and invited to the town meeting tomorrow night.

Speaking of Father Grimburrow, the deeds of the previous night that I feared to mention before have come to light. At Nighteyes instigation, we entered the false crypt without the Church’s permission. Indeed, we were vindicated as no tomb was violated and we recovered many valuable tools for use against undead infestations: magical weaponry, haunt ensnaring vials and a spirit board among other things. Fortunately, Father Grimburrow forgave our trespass, but I would not seek to betray him again. He has been an invaluable ally.

Additionally, the sheriff concurs with my original suspicion that Gibbs may be acting with the cultists. Unfortunately, a visit to his sometimes employer, The Silk Purse, did not reveal anything incriminating.

Finally, our research continues to reap rewards. The prisoners trapped in the Harrowstone fire are identified one by one and Vigil finds a trove of information on haunts that may be useful.

Potential vengeful souls released by the Whispering Way include the evocatively named: Lopper, Piper of Illmarsh, Father Charlatan, Mosswater Maurader, and Splatterman



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