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Letters to Family in Vigil

No glorified babysitting job

Toilday, 25th of Calistril, 4714

Dear Adrian,

I’m sorry that it’s taken me this long to sit down and put ink to paper. I know how much you enjoy my letters when I travel away from Vigil, but various circumstances have kept me from writing.

As I’m sure mother and father have probably told you by now, I was summoned to the village of Ravengro in the Palatinate of Canterwall in our neighboring country of Ustalav. (That’s your geography lesson for the day, by the way.) At any rate, I was summoned to attend the funeral of an associate by the name of Petros Lorrimor. Professor Lorrimor was a man of intelligence and learning; a scholar and researcher whose expertise proved a great help to me once. Though I didn’t know the professor well, I was very saddened to hear of his passing.

My trip to Ravengro was a long, but relatively uneventful one. Unfortunately, I arrived in town later than I expected and only just managed to make it for the burial ceremony. It was then that I discovered that the tales we’ve heard of Ustalavian secrecy and suspicion were no exaggeration. Some of the locals attempted to bar the late Professor’s burial in their cemetary – they threw out accusations of witchcraft and necromancy, of all things. Thankfully, some of the others that were invited to attend the funeral stepped in and convinced the local Pharasmin church to carry on with the burial.

Afterwards, myself and several others were invited to the Professor’s house for the reading of his will. There, I met his daughter Kendra as well as some of the others who had travelled to Ravengro for the funeral. A very colorful and varied bunch they are – Lament, a young halfling woman with a love of music and a talent for reading the cards. Jaru Toth, a Pharasmin priest, all the way from Osirion of all places! Simeon Plavini, scholar of the arcane, a strange but intelligent man; personal habits remind me of Etiel (you remember Etiel from down the street, yes?) and that’s all I’ll say on the matter. Vigilance Hall – cold, cold as ice, but extremely intelligent and observant. His heritage leads me to wonder if he hails from somewhere near the Worldwound, but I’d never dare to ask him. And finally, the elf who calls himself Nighteyes; obviously a seasoned warrior but extremely taciturn in nature. He reminds me of the old soldiers, the ones who’ve seen too much fighting – the way that they seem to look right through you and everything else as if it isn’t even there.

At this point, I’m sure you’ve got many questions, the biggest one being – what was in the will? To make a long story short, I won’t be able to return to Vigil for some time yet. Among other things, myself and the people that I mentioned in my previous paragraph have been tasked with aiding Kendra in setting her own affairs in order, for a period of one month from the reading of the will. At the end of that time, it has been requested that we deliver some old books to a colleague of the Professor’s at the University in Lepidstadt. There will be some compensation for our time and effort as well, supposedly as much as 100 platinum pieces for each of us from the Professor’s own funds! I’m sure you’re thinking that it’s an amazing sum for what seems to be a glorified babysitting job. Unfortunately, things here haven’t turned out to be that simple.

It’s at this point that I’m not sure of how to proceed. I don’t know if outgoing correspondence is being examined or not and I’m unsure of how far the influence of certain forces can reach. Suffice it to say that things in Ravengro are not what they seem; there have been many strange events to take place since my companions and I arrived for the funeral. We have reason to believe that the Professor’s death was not an accident, but deliberate murder – by who and for what purpose, we’re still unsure. The more we dig, the more it becomes apparent that both the Professor and this town have points of darkness in their pasts. One thing I’m convinced of, is that the inhabitants of Ravengro as well as ourselves are in danger and something has to be done.

I’m sorry to worry you like this and I wish I could tell you more, but I’m afraid that sharing too much at this point might put both you and our parents in danger. Don’t mention any of this to mother and father; they worry enough as it is when I have to leave Vigil for mundane matters. Pray to the Inheritor that my companions and I will be able to handle the situation that we find ourselves in; I’ll write again in a few days.




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