Helaman's Play By Post Carrion Crown

Notes from the dairy of Father Toth

Ill omens and Loss

28 Calistral, 2014.

How quickly the victories of one day sour the next by a turn of fate. I could never recommend this town for anyone seeking just one night of undisturbed rest. This time, the church’s bells resounding through the night. I cannot say that the disturbance was totally unappreciated. At least it ended the nightmares- I dreamt that I was being flagellated by chains bearing my own dear faith’s symbol. A sending from the spectral Charlatan, I surmise.
Father Grimburrow could offer no explanation for the untimely alarm. Only a twisted holy symbol found upon the mantle. I do not think it a coincidence. Upon a hunch, I requested an augury of the relics found hidden away in Harrowstone and found the hammer, pipes, book and all were in fact the treasured possessions of the dead fiends that trouble the town.
Far worse awaited us than loss of sleep this day, however. Another summons from the sheriff. Another pair of bloody letters at the cenotaph and this time the blood was from murdered corpse of Vigilance. I cannot say I was close to the strange man, but he was honorable and committed to our task. His life was cut short by other than fate. Nighteyes quickly tracked the murderer to Gibbs’ shack.

What happened next is something of a blur. Lament sought to intercede I think, to open the door rather than break it down and offer Gibbs the chance to surrender. The madman assaulted her with a vicious razor grievously wounding her instead. I moved to heal her and in a moment it was over. Gibbs fell with his throat slashed in turn by Nighteyes’ great elven khopesh. I do not know if it was the right thing honestly, but I stabilized the man stretching his string a little longer. Nighteyes’ look of anger I won’t forget. I do not know if Gibbs’ actions were influenced by the criminal spirits or merely the work of a spiteful bigot, but I felt it was for the town to judge his mortal fate and I’ll trust in Pharasma to judge his eternal fate.

I should learn not to put so much faith in the public. The council decided to try Gibbs immediately that very day. At least justice is swift here. We had little time to make another attempt at exorcizing the ruins if we were to bear witness at the trial. Perhaps I should have listened to fate that day. It was not to be. We never even entered the place as all the vermin imaginable rallied against us. I returned drained of blood and feeling the first stirrings of despair.

Kendra had guests and I had little to say honestly. My mood by no means improved at the farce of a trial. It was set in the tavern and all in attendance were already drinking. I am certain it would have been another mob scene had I not immediately put an end to it. Lament soothe things. I have grown very fond of the small bard.

I am sorry to say that I botched my testimony, but surprisingly Simeon rallied. I suppose that I should not be so surprised that he is well versed in common law as well as magical law. It seems to have mattered little though; Heathmount made a plea of insanity and Gibbs will live albeit confined to an asylum elsewhere.

It is with a very weary body and soul I conclude these notes tonight to stand watch as is my duty and honor over Vigilance before his burial tomorrow.



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