Helaman's Play By Post Carrion Crown

The field notes of Father Jaru Toth

A day of dark fortunes

24th of Calistril, 4714

Today has indeed been a day of dark fortunes. The Professor’s body has been found, though in a state of utter defilement- animated by necromancy. It knocked upon the door in the early hours and unfortunately, Kendra answered. I do not know if she will recover from the shock. Nighteyes cut the zombie down with his great curved sword, but he seems quite unhinged by the experience as well.

A crowd of townsfolk quickly gathered at the disturbance and it was only with great difficulty that they were dispersed once again. Simeon only riled them further by openly casting a spell. He should certainly have known better. The locals are all superstitious fools fearful of any and nearly all magic. I was able to keep them at bay until the Sheriff arrived to send them home.

Upon inspection with Simeon, we found that the corpse’s lower jaw crushed and missing as is the custom of the Whispering Way cult. Surely, this is more evidence of their presence. Father Grimburrow has taken the corpse for safekeeping though I begin to wonder about the local Pharasmite’s competence.

The morning brought only further disappointment and trouble. Nighteyes accompanied me to the Temple and Father Grimburrow cast a spell to heal his injured psyche. We turned up nothing further in the archives, however. Another bitter disappointment was Grimburrow’s refusal to let us personally inspect the false crypt mentioned in the Professor’s notes. Instead, he gave us some more information on the prison’s history and directed us to speak with the local smith, a dwarf named Jorfa that is the town’s longest lived resident.

The dwarf did not prove interested in a social visit however and it certainly didn’t help that Nighteyes insisted on playing bogeyman with the smith’s young apprentice. Perhaps Grimburrow’s spell was not all that effective after all. The psychotic elf also kept incessantly insisting that we break into the crypt despite not having permission. I flatly refused. He was slightly assuaged when the acolyte’s let us accompany them to replace the broken lock on the crypt which I assume was the Professor’s doing. A glance from outside was all we received however, for the acolytes continued to bar our entry.

Our situation only grew darker with the return of the others. Elidal made no headway with the council and some strange occurrence- I did not get the full story- led to another confrontation with the townsfolk at Zokar’s. Gibbs was involved of course and made horrible threats against Lament. He seems too simple to be a member of the Whispering Way, but I sense something dark behind his constant provocations.

The only dim ray of fortune granted us this day is that Lament has befriended the local herbalist named Jorminda who is thoughtfully caring for Kendra, may fate smile on her poor soul.

There is something else that I will not write about at the moment, but needless to say that I feel we are much better equipped for any threats now. Also, I fear that either the local Temple has not been effective in securing the sanctity of the Restlands or that a growing dark power has stirred the spirits there. We all witnessed haunts rising from the tombs of graves dating from the fire.



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