Jominda Fallenbridge

Apothecary, town beauties and friend of the Lorrimor Family


Jominda attended the Professors funeral procession.

She runs the town apothecary. It is a well-stocked supply of pharmacological provisions, both herbal and alchemical but the store, its fittings and equipment have all seen better days. She does ‘doctoring’ to make ends meet.

You’ve heard rumours that Jominda Fallenbridge does more than brew potions — that "she brews drugs and poisons as well and sells them through agents in other towns. Why else would the sheriff be so interested in her business? "

It appears that the Sheriff is carrying a torch for the young woman but that Jominda is interested in Kendra romantically. It is clear they spent their teen years together as friends.

Jominda’s shop had some empty crates in her back room with old straw strewn about, the boxes marked so as to indicate they had come from the towns Pawn shop – the Silken Purse.

She has recently just paid the party for some of the things salvaged from the Prison. Some of the coins used were from the period of the Whispering Tyrants reign. The coins appear new or near new.


Jominda Fallenbridge

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