Jaru Toth

Travelling Osirian priest of Pharasma


Init: +2 Speed: 30 Perception +4

HP: 10 (8+1+1) current: 10
AC: 16 (+2 dex, +3 arm, +1 shld)
Saves: fort +3 ref +2 will +4

BAB +0 CMB +0 CMD 12
Light crossbow +2 melee (1d8)
Light mace +0 (1d6)

Spells: DC 12+spell level
1- 2+1- Cure light wounds(D), bless, magic weapon
0- 3- resistance, detect magic, light

Feats: Point blank, Precise shot

Subject of Study (undead)-+1 damage to undead,
Sacred Conduit- +1 DC vs. channel



Diplomacy 1/5 (3 class, +1 Cha)
Heal 1/6 (
3 class, 2 Wis)
Knowledge (arcana) 1/5 (
3 class, 1 Int)
Knowledge(religion) 1/5 (
3 class, 1 Int)
Linguistics 1/5 (
3 class, 1 Int)
Perception 2/4 (
2 Wis)
Sense Motive 1/6 (+3 class, +2 Wis)

Studded leather (25), buckler (5), light crossbow (35), 20 bolts (2), 10 silver bolts (3), skane (2), bone spiral holy symbol (1)
Belt pouch (1): holy water (25), alchemist fire (20)
light mace (5)
$= 140-124= 16


A tall tonsured Garundi dressed in the black robes of Pharasma, Jaru’s destiny as a priest of the Goddess of Fate was set with his first breath. His mother nearly died in childbirth due to a lack of competent priests in his small village in the wastes of northwestern Osirion. Concerned at the quality of the few priests in the area, his parents bravely gave up their youngest son to the goddess and the child was taken up by a small Pharasmin nunnery near Shiman-Sekh.

A favored child of the temple, Jaru was instructed in healing and death rituals. He looked forward to a quiet life as a cloistered priest and healer at the temple until one of his wards succumbed to a virulent strain of ghoul fever and he barely escaped with his life. Many of the beloved sisters of the temple were not so lucky.

Bereaved at the loss of those he had considered his family. Jaru wandered to Sothis where he met Professor Lorrimor, who interviewed the young priest about the tragedy. Jaru became a kind of young consultant about corporeal undead and Pharasmin tradition in Osirion for a short time, but did not ever expect to hear from the foreigner again. It was something of a surprise to be contacted over a decade later and it was with great sadness that Jaru learned of the Professor’s recent passing.

The passage to Caliphas was difficult and Jaru finds the weather and peculiar beliefs of the Ustalav another trial, but he cannot help but think the Professor meant to warn him of something of grave importance.

Jaru wears the black robes of his faith and an antique silver edged skane of bone is displayed at his hip. The tall Garundi shaves his head daily and has a commanding presence though he rarely takes the forefront unless it is to eulogize the recently departed or confront the living dead.

What are your fears? What are their addresses?:
Jaru is yet haunted by his failure at the nunnery all those years ago. To be helpless yet alive and aware as you are devoured by ghouls is the most horrible fate he can imagine. Jaru goes about his duties with a clinical detachment, but he is a fragile soul and can grow overly worried about his charges in time.


Jaru Toth

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