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Open practitioners of magic in general suffer from mild discrimination at the best of times in Ustalav – used by an obviously appointed divine caster and in accordance with clear need, ceremony or request there generally isn’t any issues. Divine casters normally embellish their spells as part of a full round casting time (though this is not needed) to almost that of a ceremonial nature so as to allay the fears of local Ustalavians.

Arcane casters (including bards) on the other hand suffer considerable prejudice and those who openly practice their arts have an uphill battle to grudging acceptance and are among the first suspected when events take on a paranormal tone.

Spell casting is obvious, with the exception of metamagic feats to quieten the spell or remove the need for moving your hands, spells must be spoken in a clear strong voice (not a whisper) and require arcane gestures, and likely the use of material components.

This makes casting intent pretty well known. Additionally it requires a strong focus and concentration. Any movement beyond a 5ft step requires a DC10 + Spell level concentration check as if it were vigorous movement.

All core spells are available and can be learned as normal. Spells from the APG are considered to be rare and spells from other sources considered to be unique. These rules are covered under Spell Rarity.

Finally there are some supernatural barriers to magic. Running water or large bodies of water may have an effect on the ability of the caster to effect magic or the strength of the magic used as would trying to use magic inside a warded or threshold protected area.


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