Helaman's Play By Post Carrion Crown

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A Fiery Climax!

26th of Calistril, 4714

This morning was a quiet morning that held no hint of the horrors to come. After breakfast we continued our investigation uncovering more details about the Piper of Illmarsh. Of all the criminals so far, I find him the foulest; only the Splatterman approaches him. The others include a blasphemer and pair of insane killers. All bad enough, but to paralyze your victim and leave them conscious as they are slowly drained of life by those stirge creatures is truly depraved. I can think of only one thing worse… but onto the day’s events.

The town was all gathered for the Council Meeting as evening approached. After yesterday’s events, we are now afforded grudging respect at least- from nearly all but Gibbs anyway. As we ate our supper, yells arose from the square and we rushed out to find a swarm of stirges once again attacking the townsfolk gathered in the square. In the chaos it took me a while to realize that instead of screaming and running as the others, one man was piping all the while as if he were the Piper of Illmarsh himself! Suspecting a type of possession, I called on Pharasma to ward him from evil spirits. Praise the Lady of Graves, this appeared to help and my companions quickly destroyed the flittering stirges summoned by the haunted piping.

Though unwanted, perhaps this series of unfortunate events bolstered our argument at the Council Meeting. I debated Gibbs’ malicious rumors and seemed to have won most of the villagers support when the unthinkable happened- the haunts of Harrowstone turned the Town Hall into a deadly re-enactment of the terrible historic event. Lamps exploded and burning skulls flew through the air to add to the confusion as fire engulfed the meeting. My companions and I fought the flames and attempted to guide the townsfolk to safety. Many had to be dragged out bodily as they fell unconscious in the choking smoke. It was a horrible battle, but eventually the undead were banished and the burning hall extinguished. Sadly, a deputy and farmer were lost. May Pharasma judge them kindly.

With these dramatic events, there was little else to debate and we were retained to explore and exorcise the ruins of Harrowstone. Tomorrow we begin our expedition to truly send these vile souls to their final judgment.



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