Helaman's Play By Post Carrion Crown

The Exorcism of Harrowstone

1st of Pharast, 4714
The next morning we make our final preparations. I pay off my debt to Jorminda and we visit Father Grimburrow once more. We have two haunt siphons remaining and three spirits to capture: the Lopper, Mosswater Marauder, and Splatterman. I do not know how we shall deal with them all, but at least Father Grimburrow was generous in his donations of holy water.
A storm gathered above as we entered the dark hole and lowest depths of the prison. Flaming skulls welcomed us, but they could not withstand Pharasma’s might. There were three wings of the dungeon below, each with a foreboding name. The way south to ‘Nevermore’ was barred so we went north into the ‘Oubliette’ first. Past more flaming bones, we find our first foe- an axe wielding wraith from a watery grave. It was a very close battle. Emmett suffered greatly, but in the end his axe, blessed by Pharasma and favored by Fate destroyed the wrathful spirit. From the watery pit where the Lopper died, I gained an enhanced crossbow among the other things secreted away.
We made our way back to investigate ‘Reaper’s Hold’. Within we found the Mosswater Marauder. Of the five ghosts, I found that only this aroused something like pity from me. It was not much of a fight. Once again Pharasma’s holy power becalmed the spirit and it lay down without a struggle. Beyond him lay a torture chamber where the warden suffered his last at the hands of his prisoners. It is truly horrible how quickly Fate may turn. Be Ever Wary. An iron maiden gaped wide at me as I did what I could to ease the remains from their desecration upon the rack, but by my faith I resisted. A secret passage was revealed and another way found into ‘Nevermore’.
It was not unguarded, however. An ooze blocked the way and we had no alchemist fire or other substance to do much harm! Fortunately, it moved slowly and my spirit weapon had some effect and Nalun proved his value with his crossbow. Simeon, in his panic threw one of the siphons at it releasing the necromantic energy held within. I do not know what harm it did, but I was certainly unhappy with him. Nonetheless, our final goal was now certainly near.
Another flooded pit and bleeding letter forming upon the wall. We were in the presence of the Splatterman. I was able to ward myself from evil before he could do any lasting harm. Simeon found a very effective tool in tearing the pages from the undead wizard’s spell tome. I’m certain it was very difficult for the lover of arcane and often unsavory knowledge, but I applaud his courage.
We were assailed with arcane bolts and conjured spirits. Nalun seemed nearly caught by his spell. By Pharasma’s grace, I was able to attune my companions’ weapons to touch the spirit world. Nalun recovered and our foe fled though the walls. It returned moments later with another ectoplasmic ally. We continue fighting for our lives. Simeon uses a haunt siphon, but the Splatterman is not yet weak enough. It has some effect though and Emmett, nearly mad from the horror, vanquishes the ghost with a ferocious chop from the attuned executioner’s axe. Perhaps much pain could have been avoided if that blow had come decades earlier. I cannot say. Fate only determines what will be.
We returned the Warden’s remains to his wife. She will continue to guard whatever remains of the villainous spirits until they all must face Pharasma at last.



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