Account from old residents of Herstag

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Three sisters named Garrow, Starle, and Flicht now own a small windmill on the outskirts of Lepidstadt and are witnesses for the prosecution. All in their late forties, the three lived their entire lives in Hergstag. Each remembers the deaths. The village’s children vanished one by one, only to return as ghosts. Then one day the culprit was found—the Beast of Lepidstadt. It boldly walked into the village with one of the dead children, a girl named Ellsa. The witnesses all recall seeing the Beast laughing as it carried the child’s broken body. As soon as the locals saw the Beast, they set upon it with pitchforks, but try as they might they couldn’t catch it, and the Beast escaped into the swamp. The poor innocents it killed continued to haunt the village, and before long became too much for the locals, who soon abandoned the cursed village.

While not bluffing, the three witnesses are giving a condensed version of events. In speaking to them you notice they are concealing something. You convince them to reveal that of the six children who died, one—a girl named Karin—died in her own bed 2 days after the Beast was driven from Hergstag. Her father heard her screaming but by the time he reached her she was dead, without a mark on her and with no signs of entry. The three villagers can also give directions to the house in Hergstag where Karin died.

They are convinced of the beasts guilt despite Karrin dying days after the Beast was driven away

When you met with the Beast remembers Hergstag. It quietly mutters Ellsa’s name and becomes visibly upset. Its face tightens, the stitching pulling back its jaw into a grimace, making it look almost like the Beast is laughing. In fact, it could be that the Beast is crying, or grieving, it being incapable of producing true tears.

Account from old residents of Herstag

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