Rumours of Ravengro

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During the barn raising Lament was able to glean a few rumours and bits of gossip that may or may not be valuable. She keeps the topics on the town rather than more ‘supernatural issues’

“Oh, your tight with Zokar are you? Fine fellow, fine beer! But the food at the Laughing Demon isn’t all fun and games — and it’s no coincidence that Zokar serves more corpse chowder after unpopular merchants “leave town,” never to be seen again. If Zokar invites you into the Demon’s back room for a complimentary taste of that evening’s chowder, watch out! It may be that cranky old bastard Hans the Tinker, we’ve not seen him in a week or more and he was drinking at ‘The Demon’ the night he ‘left’ ".

“We saw you over at Jorminda’s. I’ll have you know that Jominda Fallenbridge does more than brew herbal remedies and such — she brews potions, drugs and poisons as well and sells them through agents in other towns. Why else would the sheriff be so interested in her business?” It was interesting that the deputy was out of earshot for that tidbit.

“We’ve got a pretty decent set of Councilmen. Muricar is a bit of a ‘ladies man’ – or thinks he is! Really! For a man of his age? The old Goat! Hearthmount – good man. His wife passes ten years ago or more but he seems happy enough and hasn’t remarried. He and Muricar keep each other company. Mirta Straelock? She’s one of our own and she’s our girl in office. She keeps the men honest and she’s got a good heart and level head. Old ’Don’t Lie to me’ Faravan? Well. She’s the real deal. Originally one of us but she hied off to Caliphas! Spend years as a Royal Accuser. Shes one woman you do not want to make angry… cold as ice and deliberate as a butchers blade”. She helped bring many a villain to the gallows".

Later at ‘The Laughing Demon’, Lament is able to wrangle loose the following.

“Now and then, if you visit Harrowstone near sundown, you can hear the ghost of the warden’s wife wailing and sobbing from somewhere within the ruins. She haunts the prison now, forever mourning her husband and attempting to frighten anyone who intrudes on the prison”.

“They say that Harrowstone’s executioner still guards the execution balcony on the western side of the prison, and that on some nights, his headsmans axe can be seen patrolling the balcony on its own, as if carried by an invisible spirit”…

“Bah! You were drunk cries out another. “Stories that Harrowstone is haunted are just that—stories. The ruins are still dangerous, but what folks think are ghosts is naught but the nasty vermin that live there”


“Originally, Harrowstone housed only local criminals, but as the prison’s fame spread, other counties and distant lands began paying to have more dangerous criminals housed within this prison’s walls. My Da tole me that at the time of the great Harrowstone Fire, the number of particularly violent or dangerous criminals imprisoned within the dungeons below was at an all-time high.”

“The five most notorious prisoners in Harrowstone at the time of the great fire were Father Charlatan, The Lopper, the Mosswater Marauder, the Piper of Illlmarsh, and the Splatter Man”.

Rumours of Ravengro

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