Supernatural Events of Ravengro

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The Bloody Letter V
On the early morning following the Town ‘Faire’, young lovers make a commotion when they discover a letter ‘V’ written in blood on the monument to the dead jailors of Harrowstone Prison. The village dog, Old River, was found next to the monument, its throat cut – evidently to provide blood for the writing.

The return of Professor Lorrimor
After disappearing from his grave (his corpse being apparently stolen), Lorrimor returns to his home as a Zombie.

A ‘tower of flames’
Lament finally drawn to a group of men playing Towers, a game of chance widely spread through the inner sea, that uses Harrow cards.

The cards burst into flames but later are found unburnt, as if the event never happened. Yet the smell of fresh smoke remains.

Lament regains her sight to see the ‘winning’ card is called ‘The Uprising’, a card that shows a small army of enraged peasants marching amid a field of flames. It is a card that has the aspects of chaos and strength. It represents being caught up in something more powerful than you – an overwhelming strength that crushes what it comes in contact with. The crown held high signified the overthrow of a leader of some sort.

The Bloody Letter E
The breakfast of the characters is interrupted by the Sheriff with news that another letter, this one the letter ‘E’ has been written in blood on the monument. It seems to resist the rain.

Haunts in the Graveyard
Orbs of glowing light rise from the graves of the dead who seemed to have died in the Ravengro fire. They are dispatched by positive energy in quick order but their appearance terrifies several of the party.

Elidal notes that the grave names.

Béla Ciorbea. Born 4613. Died 4661
Ștefan Iosif. A Father and Husband torn from us all too soon. Died 4661
Lucas Cole. Father of Albert and Heidi. Died 4661.
Balázs Orbán. A stout commrade and stouter friend. Born 4636. Died 4661
Wilhelm Schal. Died 4661
Marius Gottspiel – Honored friend, stout commrade. Died in flames 4661

Unsettling Dreams of the Prison
After days of vague bad dreams the party (except Nighteyes who dreams of being watched) shares a dream of waking in a cold prison and looking down on a village down a hill.

Supernatural Events of Ravengro

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