The Killing of Old River at the Harrowstone Memorial

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Ravengro’s most distinctive landmark is a 25-foot-tall, moss-covered stone statue that overlooks the river. The statue depicts a proud, muscular human man dressed in leathers and wielding a truncheon—a depiction of Warden Hawkran. A total of 25 names—the guards who died in the fire of 4661, as well as the warden’s wife, Vesorianna—are chiseled into the statue’s stone base.

The memorial is a popular meeting spot for late-night trysts among Ravengro’s young lovers, for it has just the right mix of tragic romance and spooky ambience without actually being on Harrowstone’s supposedly haunted grounds.

Pre Dawn on Sunday the 23rd of Calistril the beloved town mascot, Old River, was found with his throat cut on the plinth of the monument. A large ‘V’ had been written in blood on the moment.

The Killing of Old River at the Harrowstone Memorial

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